How did I get into trading? 
My journey to start this company has been a long one, I have learnt a lot along the way and I shall pass everything I know onto all of the members of my site, I started sports betting at a very young age as most children do with their parents on the grand national, then when I was at university I spent a lot of my free time in the bookmakers I was not your typical gambler I would be watching, listening and looking at the way horses jumps, the form, I used as many statistics to pick a horse as I could get my hands on. My sports betting was an obsession! This attribute has served me well, even better when the website Betfair formed and let everyday punters become a bookie, I was then earning my living from gambling by laying horses and making good money from it. I then spotted Betfair trading and since then I have never looked back… I have to admit I love the thrill of trading Betfair markets and making my living from Betfair trading .
Why trust me? 
I have been a trader on Betfair for about 3/4 years now (although I do a fair amount of sports betting too), I still do not consider myself an expert as with anything you are always learning especially when you are using large amounts of money. With my attention to detail and statistical interest I quickly found that I could spot patterns and trends to exploit, I started making really good money so I decided I wanted to help others and then I formed Bet Green, we have been helping people learn Betfair trading ever since, from a second income, students, parents pay for dream holidays, couples saving for houses. The service can be used by anybody, we have one member who is 79! Betfair gives everybody the chance to be a trader and make money in the same way a day trader would. It also makes a nice change from sports betting too, by Betfair trading you can take more control!
Bet Green is a totally unique company where you get help and trades nearly everyday and you can trade anywhere even without the computer! When you join as a member you shall receive a welcome pack with will help you get to grips with the company and will also help you build a betting bank risk free using some well-known information, this will then lead you to having a good solid betting bank which you can use to trade with and create even more money. One of the most important things with trading is to manage your bank, at Bet Green we shall teach you to manage this bank so it will grow because we won’t win every trade (we normally do not lose much on the bad trades!) but we promise to never lose you your betting bank if you follow our instructions. As the company and website has grown we have added a members area. This has been a great addition with many members saying they would pay the £15 per month just to be part of this online trading community because it provides the opportunity to trade at any time because you talk about trades, strategies everything! It really will revolutionize your trading! You do not need any fancy software to become a Betfair trader with BetGreen, we will show you everything you need to be a trader and you can do it from your phone!


If you have any questions then contact us!