Betfair Tennis Trading – ATP Hamburg

Time  1.00pm    
Competition  ATP Hamburg    
Match  Mayer  Robert   
BF Odds  1.58 2.66  
Ryan’s Odds  1.39 3.50  
Player Notes  Big server Clever tennis player   
  Plays from the baseline and tries to dominate from there  More of a counter attacking game   
  Natural clay courter  Can return serve well   
  Heavy, flat hitter     
How Would I trade it?  The H2H is pretty peachy between these two and again I am hoping that will give me a nice opportunity to trade this in the first set. I have Mayer as the value player however at these odds I wouldn’t be backing him I want to be closer to 1.75. If the odds get to 1.75 and Mayer is starting to look good I will have a back on him. 

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