Well here you will find all the strategies etc… that you need to trade full time, it is not rocket science either! I was going to do this as a day and charge for it as I know it’s cheeky but people do not always value free, if you have paid for something your more likely to do the action required…

As it happens I was not going to charge anybody to see this… ! But I released it and it was abused literally straight away so I am locking it, you do not have to pay a lot for the information though there is a donation button below the minimum donation is £10 so if you donate you will get the password to get access!

I spent thousands on learning this information and I work bloody hard to help people while caring for my mother who has breast cancer! But I love what I do! Please do not take advantage of that though….you were all going to pay for it before just because it is now cheap does not mean you shouldn’t! I am helping you out….

I will upload more videos as I go along and if there is certain strategies you want covering them drop me an email and I will see what I can do!


Steps (read these first)

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Step 3

Betting Banks


How to make trading more fun!

Stop Loss/Exit Points



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