(NFL Betfair Trading) Sky Sports Week 6 Games

Eagles at Washington Redskins

Redskins started 0-2, they have seemed to be clicking a little bit more recently and Kirk Cousins but will he be playing as well as rookie Wentz he is the highest graded QB in the league, they also have some pretty highly rated defensive players which I think will really trouble the Redskins. Trading wise how would I play it? Well if the Redskins get into the end zone I would look to lay them when the Eagles get the ball back.

Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks

A game I won’t be trading due to it being my team and that’s a very strict rule of mine when trading but my research is still listed. Falcons surprised me by figuring out the elite defence of the Broncos last week, I don’t think that will work here as all 7 of settles starting defensive linebackers are graded very highly. The Falcons will have to win this game on defence and Seattle haven’t been firing on all cylinders on offence this season, for those who don’t know the Seahawks get better usually as the game goes on so there might be some good opportunities to lay them initially if the Falcons D is on fire!

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