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So as this final period of observation drew towards closure I had actually witnessed a total of sixty-one trading opportunities of which forty-eight were successful and only thirteen failing to live up to the expectations of the Author.

This gave us a very high strike rate of 78.68% which I would think that most punters would consider this more to be than adequate. The longest losing run was only three whilst the longest winning run was a wonderful twenty-five and the exercise ended showing a very nice profit of 37.72 points using ten pound stakes. One has to be obviously happy with profits such as this and with a system so very easy to operate it tended to make trading life easier than normal.

I believe too that Ryan has created a nice easy atmosphere and trading environment in both e-mail contact and through his website, which looks to be expanding by the minute. Fifteen pound seems to be such a trivial amount to pay for a system and selections which I consider to be well above average and I see no reason to believe that future results will fall below this trend. This looks destined for greater heights.

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I think Betgreen blows everything else out of the water. I signed up to another service and the customer service  at that particular one is absolutely dog poo!

 I look at a four things when looking at services I maybe interested in joining:
  1. Is it profitable?
  2. Customer service
  3. Price
  4. How many selections are given out daily / weekly
  1. There’s no doubt that this service is profitable!
  2. Customer service – I doubt anyone anywhere will find better customer service – Ryan’s enthusiasm and willingness to help puts so many other services to shame.
  3. There are some services out there that are ridiculously priced, and Betgreen is very good value.
  4. There are plenty of selections given out, so I don’t need to worry about missing any as I know there’ll be plenty more

As an introduction to trading sports, primarily football, I don’t think you can go far wrong with BetGreen.  I’d never traded before and since joining I have both learnt a lot and made a lot as well.  The service offered is efficient, easy to follow and profit from.  All that is required is an internet connection and the time required to lay and then back specific outcomes on a number of football games a day.  Ryan is always available to offer support and really wants people to make money, improve their trading ability and also to enjoy the trading.  This is not a faceless service, as some are, and is in fact the polar opposite being one of the most customer friendly I have encountered.  If you are interested in trading as a way to make some extra income I can highly recommend BetGreen.

I have been with Ryan for nearly 2 months and can honestly say making regular profits. Gone are the days when I tried to win a fortune overnight (and failed) to be replaced with the satisfaction of seeing my bank rising steadily and the confidence this will continue. New markets for me to trade in with the same result – profit. Ryan has been courteous and helpful throughout and I can without hesitation recommend this service.
In the time I have been a member of the BetGreen service, Ryan has helped transform my trading and given it a sense of purpose. The daily trades have been the foundation, providing me with a greatly profitable bank building service, but what sets BetGreen apart from the other services I have experienced is the superb level of support. Ryan is always available to answer my questions via email and give added insight into the approach he takes as an experienced trader which has been fantastic, however with the recent addition of the Forum, Ryan has again excelled. The forum has been a great platform for members to share ideas and thoughts and a number of highly profitable trading threads have been formed. This service is excellent value for money and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all levels of trader.


I would just like to say as a member from day one on Betgreen,how very pleased and satisfied I am to be with you,your service has been excellent and backed up with  a super after sales advice and general help.
I look forward to your advises in the future.
Many thanks.
Not sure that review does this service justice.
I’m thoroughly impressed with Betgreen, as many services have used the international break as an excuse to shut up shop for a 2 week holiday, declaring that there is no value to be found in any of the other markets.
Yet despite my short tenure with the service (5 days), I sit here with an extra £116 in my pocket from following Ryan’s tips on leagues ranging from Brazil to Wales’ Premier League. I’d usually be sat doing no trading and telling myself that there aren’t any games worth trading during the international break.
From a selfish point of view, I hope Ryan’s service doesn’t expand too quickly (as some markets & games wouldn’t have the liquidity to cope with so many people laying & backing at roughly the same time). But I also wish him the best in running this company, and as with all things that make money, word will
spread soon enough
Tim E-O